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5 Things Your Job Description Needs and How to Create

May 25, 2021

Have you ever sat down to write out the job description for your next hire but your mind just goes BLANK? We’ve all been there, which is why today on the Joy to Lead Podcast we’re talking about the five things your job description needs and how to create it for your next hire. 

In a previous episode, we talked about the very first step you need to take before crafting a job description for your next hire – mapping your own promotion! If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, take a second to go back and listen to it first. Once you are done, come on back because I’m sharing the five things your hyper-clear job description needs and how to create one today!

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Job Descriptions are Different Than  Job Postings

There is a major difference between a job description and a job posting. Think of a job posting as the sales page you use to attract, communicate and sell the position to your dream team member – in the same way you use a sales page to attract and speak to your ideal clients. 

A job description, on the other hand, is an internal resource and document that gives clarity to the actual role. Several key components of the job description will exist in the job posting, but they are not one in the same. The job description goes into detail about what the role will focus on and the three main objectives that this role will be held accountable to.

Identify Your New Hire’s Role

For any role, we first need to figure out what movement this role will be responsible for making in the business. Then we can start assigning tasks and projects. Their role is not a list of tasks that you no longer wish to do. Their role is an assignment of responsibility for movement and momentum forward in your business. Knowing what impact they are making is the first step to assigning accountability for growth and movement.

From there you can begin to map out what projects will move and create momentum and what tasks are needed for those projects to create results. You will continue to break it down section by section and start structuring a job description from these answers.

The Construction of a Job Description

Your job description should include the following components: 

Summary: one to two sentence overview of how this particular role will support and move the company forward. Look back to your response to what impact this role is meant to  create.

Area of Focus: What is their concentration of focus? Your new team member is not responsible for everything so you need to be specific on what their areas of focus are and  what will they be responsible for?

Major Objectives: How will we know that they are effective in this role? What are you wanting them to accomplish?

Key Results: What data points or measurements will you use to get the information to see if they are achieving their major objectives?

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I'm Kaylan, leadership educator, podcaster & speaker

What are you searching for?

Reading suggestions

Crafting a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

Job Postings that Attract Top Talent

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