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The Practice of Dreaming as a Leadership Exercise & Reconnecting to Our Curiosity

March 2, 2021

When’s the last time you dreamed for dreaming sake? Or are you someone who struggles with dreaming? If so, today we are going to talk about the importance of dreaming as leaders and how it can move us forward. I don’t want you to take any notes today but rather just be open and ready to begin to start dreaming again. 


When was the Last Time I was Dreaming just to Dream?

I realized I inhibit my own dreams because I think they must be followed by a task list which depending on the size of the dream leads to more responsibility. I believed that a dream isn’t worth dreaming unless it’s manifested and made real. 

The Importance of Dreaming

  1. Removes limitations: Trains your brain to think without restrictions. It infuses child-like wonder, gratitude and faith. You must have faith to be a leader. You must believe and expect good and better things to come.
  2. Improves problem-solving and decision making abilities: Imagine you have 4 dots on a page, now connect them all. You’d likely take a pen and trace out a square, but no one told you to do that. You could have taken a sewing needle and taken that string through your whole house, you could have folded the paper and punched a thread right through it. You could have drawn anything, using endless sheets of paper. No limitations means any solution is possible.
  3. Makes you courageous: It shows you just how much there is to fight for, work for, to pursue, so much that matters.
  4. Connects you to others
  5. Expands your vision

How do You Learn to Dream Again?

  1. Ask yourself, what did you dream about as a child? Before anyone told you what you had to want, desire or be?
  2. What if you removed those expectations today? What would you dream?
  3. Make a practice of dreaming. No expectations or responsibilities need to be tied to it.
  4. Make a journal, a dream journal. Visit it yearly and weave some of your dreams into existence.

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