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How to Identify Your Strengths without a Personality Test

February 23, 2021

Enneagram, DISC, Strengthsfinder – you’ve seen them everywhere – personality tests! More and more, people are hooked on taking a personality test and learning more about why we do what we do, but today I want to teach you how to take a step back from using a personality test so that you can reflect on discovering your strengths through our own lens and use the personality test to supplement your findings instead of dictating your leadership journey. 


Growing as a leader begins with self awareness….

You begin by understanding your own strengths. Strengths are our human way to boost our own confidence and to make ourselves valuable in a community. It’s important for leaders to learn to listen to and understand themselves. While using personality and strengths tests are great tools to utilize, it’s important to start first with your own introspection and discovery. 

First Phase of Your  Self-Discovery Journey: Self Reflection and Study

Begin to look at the way you show up. What comes naturally? What do you enjoy and when are the times when you get lost in flow? What strengths are you utilizing? What zones of genius are you working in; and what powers are you wielding?

Second Phase of Your Self-Discovery Journey: Talk to Loved Ones and Friends

Interview others who are close to you! Ask them what do they see in you: what strengths do they appreciate about you, and what problems do they typically see you as a resource for solving

Third Phase of Self-Discovery: Use Tests

 Once you’ve done your own research and compiled a list of what you see in yourself, then utilize tests to support your discovery journey!

Begin again – this process should never end!

After completing your self-discovery journey, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What roles do you naturally play in a team setting? What does this say about your own strengths?
  2. If what we focus on grows, how can you begin to focus more on your own strengths and build them up?
  3. What can be the “shadow” of your strengths, and how can you utilize your strengths in more positive ways?
  4. How can you better manage and GROW your strengths?
  5. How can you release expectations or needs around your weaknesses?

Keep an open document as you journey through this self-discovery process, and start to review and reflect on what you’ve found.

Go through your discoveries and identify common themes, what do you and others continually see in you? What are some specific examples of these themes manifested in action? And, what are your interpretations of these themes?

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