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How to Find Your Vision & Give It Away

January 19, 2021

In today’s podcast episode we are going to talk about what vision truly is and how we can install vision within our teams and within ourselves. Let’s find your vision & give it away!

As leaders,understanding our vision is essential. When we understand our vision, it becomes a part of us. It’s a part of who we are and it reflects on the way we live. By weaving it into your team’s community it will become a part of their identity as well. That’s when vision is the strongest and that’s when vision is fulfilling its purpose. 

As we end the year that was supposed to be the year of vision, let’s talk about how you can get that vision back! Though this year has been hard, and painful, if there was no need for a better tomorrow, then vision would not exist. As leaders we need to be able to create and share that vision with our team. 

Humans need and crave vision because we crave hope. We want to build and cultivate change, and without that, the work we are doing now will feel meaningless. Losing touch of your vision can cause you to hustle too hard. Vision is long term and you need to be able to pace yourself so you can reach that goal.

If our team doesn’t see the vision, and see beyond the task they have to accomplish, then you are going to see a high turnover within your team. It’s not sustainable for team members to have that mentality and you don’t want those people on your team. 

How do we give vision away:

By sharing your vision with team members, you are being vulnerable. This is you telling your team what the new goals is, and that we all have to work together to accomplish the vision. Vision is what’s motivating you as a leader. 

Sharing this blueprint that is your vision with your team members is scary. The reaction of your team and what they think about the vision can be frightening, but it’s essential in creating a community within your team members and having that community share your vision will help you reach your goals. 

How to find and create vision:

We have a tendency to cast vision too small.  We all have one goal: to make the world a better place. That’s the point of your business, and the point of your vision is to show you when to stop. It is communicating to you how to know when you are not needed any more. It’s okay to be scared to share your vision with someone else. That  means your vision is big enough and you’re seeing so far into the future of who you are and how you are trying to make this world a better place. You founded that vision, but it doesn’t end with you. Having such a large vision makes it unattainable to accomplish yourself. This is why you need your team and you need to instill this vision within them. 

To find you vision and give it away can seem like a hard task. But sharing that vision is essential to the growth of your company and your team members. It’s how you get one step closer to achieving that vision you have kept to yourself for so long.

Cultivate a vision statement that shows what you’re striving for and demonstrates  just how big and amazing your vision is! 

The steps to sharing your vision:

  1. Hire leaders 

These are people that move forward with intent. 

  1. Allow your team members to build to the vision according to their own perspectives and strengths. 

None of your team members have the same strengths, but they are all working towards the same vision and can utilize each of their strengths to accomplish the goal.

  1. Don’t be a know it all

It never hurts to ask questions and be curious. Get your team involved and let them help you reach this goal! Dont dictate your team members, or else your vision won’t be instilled in them, but rather they will just be completing mundane tasks assigned by you. 

  1. Live according to your vision

Everything you do in life must be with this belief of your vision. You are working towards this vision through every aspect of your life! If you don’t want to work towards this with your whole being, then why should your team members do the same? 

  1. Talk about it all the time 

All your work should align with the vision. Incorporate it into every aspect of your business. Don’t let the vision slip away.

Vision creates alignment. It aligns all aspects of your vision with your end goal. As this crazy year comes to end, cling onto that vision and take the steps necessary to install this vision within your team members and your company.  

Well, there it is, the steps required to find you vision and give it away!

Your vision and your company can make this world a better place!

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I'm Kaylan, leadership educator, podcaster & speaker

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Crafting a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

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