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11 Surefire Signs You’re Ready to Hire

April 13, 2021

One of the riskiest endeavors you can make as an entrepreneur is hiring a new team member. You may find yourself asking yourself questions like: Who should you hire? What should you hire for? The biggest question of all, however, is are you READY to hire? Today on the Joy to Lead Podcast, I will walk you through the signs that will help you determine if you’re REALLY ready for your first strategic hire. So grab a pen and piece of paper and get ready!

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Preparing for Your First Hire Begins Long  Before You Actually Need Them.

You want to be casting your vision and preparing so far in advance that you can not only see your first hire coming but you are READY for it in every way. If you’re reading this, that tells me you have an inkling that hiring may be in your future – so whether you hire tomorrow or you hire six months from now, you have to start preparing today.

What are Some of the Signs That You are Ready to Hire?

  1. You’re turning down client work.
  2. Working past midnight is normal.
  3.  People are surprised to hear you’re a solo-show. 
  4. Things keep falling through the cracks.
  5. You aren’t showing up fully for your priorities. 
  6. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to ENJOY working. 
  7. You’re starting to resent parts of your business. 
  8. You’re being kept from lucrative opportunities. 
  9. You’re missing skills or expertise required to run your departments with excellence.

There is a cap, a ceiling to what we can do alone, and once we reach it we have only two options – stagnate or push through and grow.

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