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Creating a Step-by-Step Hiring Timeline

May 4, 2021

Hiring is something that doesn’t have to be messy or something that we do when we are desperate. Today on the Joy to Lead podcast, I want to help you create a systematic process and timeline so that you not only take everyone through the same process, but also can make sure you are hiring the right person AND are able to keep your sanity! We will not only break down the major components of the hiring process but I will also give you an overview of the steps you should plan to take and how to proactively plan for the hiring process.

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You Should Begin the Hiring Process Before You are Even Ready to Hire

Truth be told, you should begin preparing to hire about 6-12 months before you are even ready to start the hiring process.Yes, in fact your entire hiring timeline should stretch over the course of several months. You should be preparing your business in advance for hiring so that when the time comes, you do not have to rush through the process and can take your new hire through the process with confidence. 

The Hiring Process Should Include These 4 Steps that are Completely Customizable:

1. Application and Resume: You have posted your job description and are actively marketing and letting everyone know that you are getting ready to hire. Be sure to set a start and end date for when you will be receiving applications. This will set urgency to those who are looking to apply along with giving them time to gather the information that is needed and fully process the job description. Just a reminder that if you go through this process and don’t end up finding anyone that you want to hire, you can begin again. This is YOUR hiring process. 

2. Conduct an Informal Interview:  This can be done over the phone. The purpose of this is to establish a connection with your applicant. The interview does not need to be any longer than 20-30 minutes. This is basically a screening to see if you connect with the person and see if they seem competent based on their application and resume. Give yourself about 2 weeks to conduct your calls depending on how many applicants that you have.

3. Conduct a Formal Interview: During this time you are asking more proficiency questions and getting into their zone of genius and seeing how they would step up and lead in your company. Most importantly you are wanting to see if they are a fit for your team culture. I do suggest hosting more than one formal interview with the second one being more  in-depth full of conversation and kind of getting to know them and their leadership.

4. Evaluation and Decision: Give yourself time in this phase so you are able to equally weigh objective and subject feelings. Give yourself a week or even two so that you can process and make a sound decision. Email all your candidates and let them know that you will be making a decision by X date.

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