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How to Promote Yourself to a More Lucrative Role

May 18, 2021

When working a 9-5, you have a clear view of what’s needed to get promoted. You know what the next “rung on the ladder” looks like, and you’ve got it in your sites. But as an entrepreneur, do you know what’s needed to promote yourself in your business? What does your growth plan look like?

Today on the Joy to Lead podcast,  we’re walking through the questions I ask my Leadership Academy members and hiring clients as we plan for their promotions.

Before we figure out who you need to bring onto your team so you can promote yourself, you have to discern where your business is craving and needing more of you. What is your next lucrative role? Where is more money and opportunity waiting in your business as you give yourself a promotion into that space?

Where is my Business Calling Me to Go Deeper?

In order to plan strategically for your next hire and promote yourself, you must first determine where your business is calling you deeper. Instead of looking at what is holding me back or consuming my time and energy, we have to reframe it into how am I being kept from a more lucrative role? We don’t ever think of giving ourselves a promotion, but that’s exactly what we have to do and are doing when we bring on new hires. No matter where you are in the process, start reshifting your hiring process to first weave in these kinds of questions before you ever think about bringing on another team member.

Many entrepreneurs hire too quickly – hiring out of desperation and causing them to craft a job description out of all the tasks draining their energy and time. It’s not that you’re overwhelmed, it’s that you are restrained. This is a reactive behavior that leads to costly hiring tactics. By shifting the focus from internal to external, you’ll begin to map out the next position for yourself to create opportunity for immediate growth. 

Our business needs more of us. We have to do the work to get the business outside of us. Right now it’s living 100% inside of us, especially if we are solopreneurs. Our job is to build out departments, to take what’s inside of us and make it come alive through our team,  systems and operations.

Gain Clarity on Your Current Role so You can Scale

  1. Start looking at how you are currently spending your time and energy and what results you are seeing from that: How are you currently spending your time and energy in your business and life? What results are you seeing from those energetic and time investments? Are these results that you want to see?
  2. How are you currently devoting, using, or spending, investing your current level of knowledge and expertise: This question is very important because if you have a bank of knowledge and expertise that is currently being unused, it is a waste of a strong resource. Are you using everything  you can in your business? And if not, what’s currently restraining you?
  3. What is your dream role look like: How are you supporting your company in your advanced role? What is your main objective? How are you leading your team? Once you start to gain clarity on this, you will discover the three major effects that you want to have in your company.

You can now take a look at the discrepancies between where you want to be and where you are now and see what is currently standing in the way between your current role and fully stepping into the role that will make more money and impact for your company. Once you identify all these restraints, you can start to create a new role to hire and begin to promote yourself.

Ready to Step Into Your Leadership?

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