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Journaling Prompts to Nurture the Leader in You

February 9, 2021

As leaders, we’re called to never-ending journeys of self-discovery and awareness – and journaling prompts are great tools for us to use in that process! In the Leadership Academy we’ve been diving into several journaling prompts to help us dig deeper into our leadership styles this year, and I’d love to share them with you today!

As you read through these prompts, take a moment and pause in between each to pause and reflect before moving forward.

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How does our leadership feel to others?

Okay, as we dive into these journaling prompts, I want us to first think about leadership from a new perspective. About how it feels to be led by us. Have you ever thought about that? About what it feels like? To be led by you.

  • What experience do you want your team members to have under your leadership?
  • What do you want your leadership to feel like? And how do you think your leadership feels? At this moment, is it what you want? Is it what you desire for your team members? Where’s the discrepancy there? How do you think your team is currently experiencing you and how do you want them to experience you

What kind of culture are you building?

Now I want you to think about what your team members current or future would miss out on if they never had a chance to work with you under your leadership. What would they miss out on in their life, in their work, in their career journey?

Now what you think about your strengths that you have that you’ve honed over the years.

  • What were some challenges or difficulties or hardships that you have overcome in the past or currently in the process of overcoming?
  • And how are those impacting your strengths in the way that you lead and show up for others?
  • How have you used your strengths to overcome those challenges? What did those challenges reveal to you about your strengths?

How have you grown, and how will you grow?

I want you to imagine a time in your life when you felt held back or restraint.

  • What happened? How did it feel and what did you do?
  • What did you wish you could shake off?
  • Where did you wish you could go all in and just press the gas?
  • How did you use your strengths to get past that season?
  • What do you want to lean deeper into this year?
  • What qualities or strengths do you want to amplify?
  • What excites you about leadership?

How do you want to show up this year as a leader?

Lastly, how do you commit to serving your team members this year or future team members? If you don’t have any yet? How will you intentionally strive to inspire them and serve them? How will you strive to motivate them?

Tune in to the episode to hear more prompts to help you deep dive into your leadership!

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