You Do NOT Have to Lead from the Front | Finding Your Leadership Style


You Do NOT Have to Lead from the Front | Finding Your Leadership Style

October 6, 2020

There is a misconception in our entrepreneurial culture that says leaders always lead from the front. That leaders are only found at the top, and everyone else is loyally following their lead. 

This is far from the truth, and in reality a leader’s role is interchangeable as someone who leads from the front, behind, and beside. 

This week’s podcast episode tears down this common misconception, and I break down the following: 

  • What leading from the front actually looks like / what it means  
  • The MANY other beautiful manifestations of leadership
  • How to flesh out and define your unique leadership style 

What leading from the front actually looks like 

If you’re currently serving as a leader from the front, your main goal is to provide guidance to those behind you. It’s not about you, it’s about creating space for others in which they can showcase their strengths. 

It’s up to you to be able to clear the path for the people you are leading, and giving them the opportunity to fully thrive!

The MANY other ways to lead

The idea that leaders can only lead from the front is false and creates a standard that you don’t have to meet! In fact, there are two other ways you can lead. 

The first is being coactive leader from behind, as is explained in the great book Co-Active Leadership.

People in this position are focused on serving. Leaders from behind are usually those that are used to being behind the scenes. This doesn’t mean you aren’t a leader. 

You are able to lead by energetically pushing the team forward. You hold the team together and are provide encouragement and support. 

The second is a coactive leader beside. As someone in this position you take hold of a lot of responsibility.

Your leadership lies as someone who supports everyone’s strengths which generates a powerful and positive synergy amongst the team.  

Defining your unique leadership style

What’s amazing about leadership is, it is not defined one way. You are already a leader and you can thrive at any of these three positions, they are interchangeable.  

We as people are evolving everyday, and it’s the same with the way you lead! One thing will always remain constant, and that is your core values. Your unique voice and personal strengths will continue to change. 

When you know your values, strengths, and voice, and how to tap into, listen, and cultivate them, then you will be able to lead in any season. 

There is a voice inside all of you that motivates you and draws you forward and outward. Listen to that voice and let it lead you so that YOUR leadership doesn’t stay hidden.

Every human being on this planet is meant to be a leader, don’t ever disqualify yourself! 

Stop believing the lies and know the truth! I’d love to discuss this in further detail with you so feel free to add me on instagram and let’s chat!

Resources mentioned in this episode

Read Coactive Coaching

Read Coactive Leadership

Read Synergist

For more information on the Leadership Academy, visit http://www.joytolead/academy!

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Kaylan Thompson is a leadership coach hiring strategist in Nashville, TN. She’s the host of the leadership podcast, the Joy to Lead Podcast.


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