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What If You Had a No-Firing Policy for Your Team?

November 9, 2021

In today’s episode of the Joy to Lead® Podcast I’m asking a question prompted by the book Chief Joy Officer by Richard Sheridan. We’ll be reading this book as part of our book club inside the Joy to Lead® Leadership Academy, because it’s just so good! Today I’m exploring the concept of a no-firing policy, as Richard describes in the book. What are your thoughts?

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But today, I want to talk about this book that I’m reading. I’ve been vetting and reading some books, trying to create our book list for the Leadership Academy we read, typically, we’ve been reading a book every single month, I think we’re going to slow that down and do one book every two months. So we can really have a lot of time to dive into each chapter together. And really get the most out of each book. But I’ve been reading this book called chief Joy officer, chief Joy officer, and it has it is such a great book, it is all about being the the instigator of joy, the creator of joy in your team’s culture, being the CEO of joy, creating a team that recognizes and is fueled by and creates joy, both for themselves and for your clients just creating a company and a team and a business that resonates and radiates joy.

One concept that I want to leave with you today is in this book. I think his name is Richard Sheridan. And he created a business a company called Menlo and at Menlo, they have this really beautiful culture. And I encourage you to read this book. And if you’re in the joy to lead Academy, the Leadership Academy, we are going to be reading this book, January 2022. In February 2022. This will be our first book on our book list. I’m so excited to read it with you guys.

And I’m so excited to have our book discussions
every single month and dive into these concepts and I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about this particular concept that I’m going to be talking about right now, which is at Menlo, Richard Sheridan and his co founders tried out a a no firing policy. Meaning, you know, there are obviously some cases in which you would absolutely need to fire somebody if something horrendous or crazy happened. But shy of those things. They have a no firing policy. And my first thought was, that’s insane. That’s absolutely insane.

But then I started thinking about it.

Okay, if there was a no firing policy, what range in the way that I lead and the way that I hire?

And I want to leave that thought with you. If you knew that for some reason or another you couldn’t fire or you chose not to fire. If you had this no firing policy on your team. How would your hiring process change?

For me, it would probably change in length.

I would have more one on one sessions with the people who I want to bring onto my team
at Menlo in the book, he describes that they have a, a team hiring process where the team gets together and interviews, potential new team members. And it, this whole concept is making making me think that you have to be very creative and come up with new ways to experience a person and see how that person how that human will fit into the into the dynamic of your team, how they would change, what would they bring to the dynamic?
And projecting that and trying to see what that looks like in the future? And what is the outcome? What is the ripple effect of having this person on your team to understand that? How would you have to change your hiring process?

And, you know, breaking that down even further? How would you have to change the way that you manage and nurture your own team to ensure that you don’t have to fire somebody?

I want you to think about that today. I’m not going to give you the answers because they’re going to look different for each of us in for what, what each of us wants for our business and for our team in the culture that we’re wanting to create.

What does that look like for you? Maybe even journal that out? If you had a no firing policy? How would you go about hiring? What exactly does that process look like? And now, how do you lead, manage and engage, inspire and coach your team? Knowing that your goal is longevity and loyalty?


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