4 Stages of Team Development - Getting Your Team to Grow


4 Stages of Team Development – Getting Your Team to Grow

December 9, 2020

Today’s episode is all about team development. I’ll be going over the 4 stages of team development that are essential in getting your team to grow. 

Your team is growing through a series of strategic phases. It’s up to you as a leader to analyze how you can help your team grow and be aware of where you are in the growth process. 

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1.) Inclusion/Forming Stage

First, is the inclusion/forming stage. During this phase team members are craving to belong and fit in with the rest of the team. The new members energy is directed inward when they come onto a team. They want to feel safe and feel like they are a part of the team. 

A team’s ecosystem is fragile.  That is why it’s so important to show new team members the values and relationships within the team during the onboarding process.

2.) Assertion/Storming Stage

Next, is the assertion or storming stage. This stage sounds troubling and crazy, and it can be sometimes! However, the arguments and conflicts that arise during this stage are necessary and healthy. Let these conflicts run their course. 

During this phase, each individual is stretching their legs and discovering their place within the team.  Teams are growing in this phase and they are realizing where their strengths lie. Your job is to build up those strengths among team members. 

Darkness loses its power when it’s in the light. So don’t let things control you and your team, if you bring them to the light it will lose it’s power over you. 

3.) Cooperation/Norming Stage

Third, is the cooperation/norming stage. During this phase, the collective energy needs to be focused on goals.

Now team members are feeling secure in their position. The protective guard they had up is now down and the team can focus on reaching their collective goals. 

4.) Performing Stage

Last, is the performing stage. This phase is focused on interdependence. Everyone now feels strong in their strengths and the goal now is to be self actualizing and collaborating/growing together. 

During this step team members will begin leaning on each other’s strengths. I know this is hard and scary to hear, but team members will rely on you less and in some cases not even need you. This is because now you are a part of the ecosystem instead of being the one that is keeping it alive. 

These are the 4 crucial stages of team development that you should familiarize yourself with, as a leader. The end goal is this: 

  • Your team collaborating without you. 
  • Your team being able to make decisions without you. 

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