The Benefits of Firing for Healthier Teams -


The Benefits of Firing for Healthier Teams

November 3, 2020

Today we are discussing the benefits of firing and how that builds healthier teams! Firing a team member is never easy, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do for you, your business, and your hire performing team members. 

What makes firing healthy: 

Before you decide to fire someone, ask yourself the following questions so you are confident in your decision.

  1. Is there somebody you have been on the fence about? If you are even thinking about firing someone in general this question comes as no surprise. Think about who is the person that is underperforming and not providing the best quality for your company.  
  1. Knowing what you know now about them, would you hire them again? After working with this team member and understanding their work ethic would you hire them again? If the answer is no then it’s time to cut this team member out because keeping them is doing more damage then firing them will. 
  1. Have you gone through an escalation process? The escalation process is a templated step-by-step timeline that you can follow from an initial concerning incident to firing. What caused this and how has your team member performed since? It is important your team members know they are getting fired. If you need more tips on how to have firing conversations click here!
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Why is firing the right people healthy?

  1. You’re making room for people that deserve to be there. By keeping an underperforming team member on you aren’t allowing for someone who is hardworking and dedicated to your vision to join the team and better help you accomplish your goals for the company. 
  1. The longer you keep the wrong person in the wrong seat, the longer you are keeping them from finding their right seat. Chances are this team member is not performing as best as they can because they are not in the job that better suits them. Firing them isn’t going to be the worst thing for them either because now they have the chance to find a better suited position for themselves and now you can find a team  member that will better suit your company. 
  1. You are not responsible for their journey! You are a servant for YOUR purpose. This isn’t about them and feeling sorry for them if they are fired. Don’t get in your head. This is about what’s best for YOU.
  1. The longer you tolerate a bad team member, you are showing your better performing members that your standards are lower. You’re better performing team members want to work with someone who is inspiring and motivating, they want to be challenged. If they see that you will stand by and watch underperforming team members not live up to their potential or continue to cruise and not challenge themselves you will start to see a turnover among your higher performing members. 
  1. Lastly, it’s costing you money. Strengths that are best utilized are opportunities for powerful growth, which is where your ROI lies. You need to be able to utilize those strengths among your team members or else you’re leaving money on the table. 

Stop boxing in your vision and letting wrong hires anchor you down. Begin pursuing your vision with strategic team strengths. Challenge the strengths of your team to meet YOUR vision. 

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